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At that time we faced similar decisions as you do today.

We've played a long time with the emigrate thoughts. After a lot of research and reading for hours in the net, where our trip is supposed to go, we came in the end, rather by chance on that, us at that time still completely unknown country called Paraguay. From a good friend, who was there for a visit, we got the secret tip to take a closer look at the country of Paraguay. After only a relatively short search for this 

country, our decision was made, that's it, that's exactly what we were looking for all the time. A country with happy people (yes, there is such a thing), lots of nature, manageable prices and a relatively uncomplicated way to Maintenance of permanent residency. From now on everything went very quickly. It was followed by some phone calls, offices, insurance, etc., then only book the flight, pack the bags and bye, we were gone. From the time of the decision until the actual start of our journey, only just under 4 months passed. We were very determined. Our family emigrates to Paraguay.

Arrived here, we first took care of our immigration papers. Thanks to reliable contacts and good preparation, we were able to get through this step pretty quickly. Now we were allowed to devote ourselves, in peace, to the search for our desired piece of land. After the first obligatory days in the metropolis Asuncion and many new impressions, it took us then but on. We wanted to get out of the city, away from the hustle and bustle, we wanted to go up to the countryside. We were looking for peace. We still were not at our Goal arrived. The journey should continue. Shortly we took a bus into the country. After about 4 hours our first bus ride from Asuncion to Caaguazu ended. Also on this trip we were allowed to return many beautiful and take exciting impressions with you. Caaguazu, is a smaller town located exactly between Asuncion and Ciudad del Este. Her name means something like "a lot of bush". Here in the countryside arrived, we decided quite soon, not want to check in again in a hotel. We wanted to get into the real Paraguayan life as fast as possible. We were lucky one

native family, with a small free room, to have met. The first few months we lived from then, now love together with a

Paraguayan family together under one roof. This first time was very exciting and interesting for us. Every day we were allowed to collect many great new impressions and experiences.

During this time we knüpften some helpful, local contacts, which we still maintain today. We also learned to speak their language very quickly. Although we did not have any previous knowledge of Spanish, we were able to talk to the locals on castellano within 3 months. After a short search, we found a beautiful plot, which was for sale. First we talked to the owner about the formalities, such as price, size, etc. After that

we could review the entire property documents, signed the purchase agreement, leaving the end the whole notarized authenticate. We were we the new,

happy land owner in Paraguay. Yes, it can be done so fast. In the next few days and weeks we searched for one reliable team, for the construction of our small and cozy home. As most of the people around here are very helpful, we also found a good team relatively quickly, what we were looking for. The entire construction with all buildings lasted a total of about 3 months. It always depends very much on the current weather conditions on it. With a lot of rain, hardly anyone leaves their house here. Now we live here for several years in Paraguay. We are very happy and satisfied in the heart of South America. Thank you.



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